Mold Remediation, Removal and Cleaning

Mold growth can occur on the most common building surfaces such as sheetrock, wood, carpet, linoleum floor or on any organic material. Many building occupants and homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the health hazards associated with mold contamination. Growth can begin usually within 48 hours after the appropriate moisture content has been achieved. When a material is infested with mold, special care must be taken during the removal, cleaning, and remediation process, to contain, clean and prevent the unintentional spread of the mold spores.

Mold is a proven serious health risk. Many families wait until mold contamination is very high before acting to correct this problem. Do not wait. If your San Francisco, Bay Area home or building has had current or past water damage or leak, a mold inspection is recommended.

Various types of mold have been medically proven to cause many health issues, which include allergic reactions, watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, difficulty breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus problems, nasal blockage and frequent sneezing. Mold can also damage furniture, destroy wood and compromise the integrity of structural materials such as beams, studs, and sub-floor. When a mold problem has been identified, it is important to address the problem, clean the mold as quickly as possible, to minimize exposure and material damage.

Mold will often grow in damp or wet areas indoors. Common sites for indoor mold growth include bathrooms, basements, areas around windows where moisture condenses, and near leaky water sources or sinks. Common causes of moisture problems include roof leaks, poor maintenance, condensation associated with high humidity or cold spots in the building, plumbing system failures or heavy rains, and slow leaks in plumbing systems.

Uncontrolled humidity in a property with a lack of ventilation can also be a source of moisture leading to mold growth. Regardless of the size, the location in the San Francisco Bay Area or the complexity of your residential or commercial project, mold removal procedure requires highly specialized skills from start to finish. At Swift Restoration we do it right. Our experience and state of the art equipment when it comes to dealing with mold cleaning and black mold removal ensures that your mold problem will be dealt with quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Our mold remediation cost is within your budget.

Mold damage and repair can lead to unexpected expenses. We will work with you to provide you the most cost-effective solution, without compromising the safety of your home or business. We only charge you for the work that is absolutely needed to be done and make suggestions and recommendations for future mold and mildew growth prevention.

Our procedure in most mold remediation cases will include:

·      Assessment of the affected areas.

·      Planning a course of action with the property owner/ manager.

·      Set up of containment barrier to prevent cross-contamination to unaffected areas.

·      Set up negative air machines/ air scrubbers in order to control and capture the contaminated air and produce clean and non-contaminated air.

·      Set up special drying equipment such as dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity levels and dry the structure.

·      Removal of the mold affected materials.

·      Detailed vacuuming using HEPA filters of the entire containment area.

·      Sanitizing and disinfecting of the entire containment area.

Our certified and professional technicians at Swift Restoration bring many years of knowledge and experience in the elimination and prevention of mold related issues. We focus on beginning our projects quickly and proceed in a timely manner, until completion. For mold removal in San Francisco, San Jose call Swift Restoration today.