Most people never been inside their crawl space, and some think of it as a shallow, dump, dirty place that they needs to avoid or skip. Although it is not a livable area for people, it takes an important part in our health and certainly should not be ignored. Some of the most important elements of the property such as the wood foundation, plumbing systems, electrical components and insulation are located in the crawl space.

If the crawl space has ventilation around it, you should know that 40% of the air that you breathe in your home is coming directly from the crawl space. Anything unhealthy in that air — including mold spores, odors, and humidity — is all brought up into your home and is a part of your air every second. Many times the condition of the crawl space is such that it causes serious health issues to those living in the property.

Most common problems in crawl spaces are: excessive moisture has damaged the structural wood, flooded crawl space with clean or black water due to plumbing failure or heavy rains, insulation that has been removed by a rodents, small animal’s corpses, air ducts and their insulation have been eaten into or nested in; vapor barriers or plastic sheets are improperly set down; rotting, wet wood chunks and other debris;

As warm air rises in your crawl space to the inside parts of the property, it takes up with it contaminated air which includes mold spores and moisture that was previously in the crawl space.

A damp environment is very unhealthy to the people and structure. Mold thrives and reproduces by producing airborne spores by the millions, and some molds are toxic and very dangerous.

Many people are allergic to these crawl space related problems without even knowing, and experience a lot of symptoms not realizing that their dirt or dumped crawl space is affecting their health.

How can I detect a problem in my crawl space?

.    Musty or mildew odors

.    Wet spots, mold, mildew or rot on the wood foundation (beams, joists, sub-floor)

.    Standing water, mold or mildew on the crawl space soil

.    Dampness, or the soil is damp when you touch it

.    Water leaking or dripping from plumbing pipes or air ducts due to high condensation

.    Sewage odor coming up from the crawl space

Let our certified and professional technicians at Swift Restoration clean your crawl space and eliminate a highly significant source of allergens in your home, while also creating a healthier environment.

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